Based in Vancouver BC, The Spanish for Social Justice Teacher Network (SSJTN) is a space for high school teachers to come together and discuss how to make their classrooms more equitable and how to engage their students in social action. We discuss both teaching about social justice, by sharing resources that touch on social justice issues, and teaching for social justice, by aiming to create open and democratic classroom environments.

We currently meet three times per year. At each meeting we discuss various topics such as interesting Vancouver-based organizations, taking students to Latin America, classroom assessment practices, meeting the PLOs, and much more. In addition, we do a “resource share” in which each teacher presents a resource that they have used, or that could be used, to teach about social justice. These resources, as well as links to websites and other organizations, are shared through this collaborative website.

Please feel free join us, to explore and/ or contribute to our Links and Resources pages or add new pages!

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